Sadly the number of victims of sexual abuse and rape has been rising
during the last couple of years - not only in Hamburg. To raise public
awareness about this taboo subject and their work, the Hamburg based
women support organisation NOTRUF has asked us to help them.
To reach new and younger audiences the goal was to create a website that thematizes the subject of sexual abuse in a new and unseen way.
Our Goal was to shift people's point of view and also be able to help NOTRUF in their important work by donating money online.

The sexual abuse of women is a drama. Not only in Hamburg but all over the world. Our idea was to take the term drama literally.
That's why we chose to put these dramas onto a theatre stage.

We produced four scenes that show different situations of sexual abuse and violence - focussing not on the violent acts themselves but on what happens with the victims after the fact.

In a theatre the audience is completely focussed on what's going on onstage: So we recreated this intense level of watching and listening through four interactive clips showing four actresses
on a theatre stage.


Client: Hamburger Notruf für Frauen
Agency: BlackBeltMonkey
Production: Cobblestone, Schönheitsfarm, Studio Funk
Role: Creative & Managing Director
Year: 2010

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