Ope l

Opel asked us to create a concept that shows the power of the brand and innovation. The Blitz in the logo was the spark for all our ideas.

How would it feel if users and passbyers could touch the blitz and by doing that unleashing the power inside the brand and it's products.

This mockups for an opel installation show the power of the blitz. The power of opel as a brand.

Client: Opel
Agency: Hi-ReS!
Role: Creative Director
Year: 2011


WebGl: Sennheiser Reshaping Excellence

Identity: BMW Pure and Crafted Festival

Storytelling: Sennheiser The Oracle

Integrated: Sennheiser Momentum

Identity: Hi-ReS! Website

Website: Hyuandai light reveal

App: Jägermeister Frozen Moments

Website: Schöffel Relaunch

Showreel 2015

Platform: MINI Relaunch

Art: Mixed Media Paintings

App: Jägermeister Last Stag Standing

Motion: Jägermeister Rebirth video

Illustration: Tattoo Visuals

Identity: Hi-ReS! Studio Design

Microsite: Hamburger Dramen

Platform: Jägermeister Relaunch

Campaign: Adidas Sign for your club

Artwork: Urband Landscapes

Website: Lamborghini Aventador

Platform: Jägermeister Hubertusrat

Art: Graphic Noise Sketches

Identity: Bundesliga On Air Design

Concept: adidas archive

Website: Jägermeister Blaskapelle

Platform: Hasseröder Relaunch

Print: Poster Design

Special: FWA TV

Concept: Opel Blitz Installation

3D: adibots

Identity: Various Logo Designs

Special: blackbeltmonkey

Artwork: Whoever dies with the most stuff wins

App: Jägermeister Feuer

Microsite: Incredibly MINI

Special: MINI JCW GP

Identity: Mike John Otto CI

Identity: Freunde des Hauses branding

Identity: Hadi Teherani

Concept: Red Bull Academy

Website: Interone Relaunch

App: Jägermeister Radio

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