sennheIser AVX
"the Oracle" Film.

Relax. It's an AVX.

Sometimes videographers have to travel to the most remote locations. In our film the videograph Steve is heading
off to a small village to lift the secret of a legendary Oracle: It awakes only once every ten years to predict the future.
Legend has it that it foresaw the discovery of America, the first landing on the moon and the invention of the massage cushion.
But no one seems to know how old it is. Will Steve be there when it awakes after 10 long years?
What will The Oracle predict? And will Steve be able to capture this critical moment perfectly in sound and vision?
This film gives all the answers.

London International Awards 2015
3x Gold

Eurobest 2015
2x Bronze

Clio Awards 2015
1x Silver, 2x Bronze

New York Festivals 2015
4x Finalist

ADC 2015
2x Bronze


Client: Sennheiser
Agency: Philipp und Keuntje
Production: my Pony
My Role: Excecutive Creative Director, Creative Director
Year: 2015

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